Discriminatory Bus Stop

I posted about an interactive bus stop here. Now there’s another in Oxford Street with an interactive advertisement.

The screen showing the short video campaign, by children’s charity Plan UK, is located at a bus stop opposite Selfridges on Oxford Street.

A camera will measure facial features of the person standing at the screen to decide whether it is a man or a woman. It guesses right 90% of the time.

If it is a male, the screen will direct him to the charity’s campaign website.

The advertisement highlights the issue of women and girls in developing countries, who face poverty and discrimination, not getting the choice to decide how they want to lead their lives.

Males will not get to see the advertisement in order to make them aware about gender discrimination, the charity said.

The advert uses facial recognition software with an HD camera to determine whether a man or woman is standing in front of the screen, and shows different content accordingly.

One thought on “Discriminatory Bus Stop

  1. Transporte de pasajeros

    No comments, this is discrimination… in our country razism is forbiden, no colour, no sex discrimination… i hope this bad practice stop, we are in the third millenium, we need to grow like human, perhaps one day this will be stop forever.
    Regards from Chile,
    Arriendo de Buses

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