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Washing Care Label

Any ideas what this washing care label might refer to?

Wash at 40C, drip dry and don’t iron.

Click here for the answer.

It’s my son’s LG Viewty which he left in the pocket of a pair of trousers. My wife then put the trousers into the washing machine along with other stuff for a 40 degree wash, added wash powder and rinse aid before starting the machine and getting on with other things. About 20 minutes later my son wandered into the kitchen asking his mother where his mobile was! The mobile was retrieved, shaken as if it were a dog after a swim and left alone all night. This morning it powered up and switched on! Screen quality is a bit degraded and the touch screen doesn’t work so a call can’t be dialled. However, we tried calling the ‘phone and it rang on the incoming call! I connected it to my PC via USB cable and was able to communicate with it and download all the video and pictures on it. It’s now being left to see if any more functionality returns after more drying. After it was retrieved from the washing machine I was all for just chucking it in the bin, glad I didn’t bet anything on it ever working again.

Come on, be reasonable!

Here’s a story about a bus driver refusing to open the exit doors on a bus in order to board a double width buggy which wouldn’t fit through the entry door. I’m sure there must be an exaggeration of what really happened by one side or the other so I’m not really commenting on this specific incident but my own observations of double width buggies. And my own observations have led me to the conclusion that they are owned and operated by totally, completely, utterly, 100%, selfish people!

Double width buggies are pushed along city streets as if they were snow ploughs sweeping anyone in their path either into the road or backing them into a doorway. They are pushed round supermarkets blocking the aisles. They clog department stores.

It’s not as if alternatives aren’t available, there are plenty of double in-line buggies which are no wider than a single buggy. There are some which though still in-line verge toward being double deckers in that the back seat is raised. So, other than the selfishness of commandeering as much space as possible, what reason can there be for the double width buggy?

This double width buggy is 80cm wide! Compared with the average wheelchair width of less than 70cm. Actually the width of a wheelchair is almost irrelevant – it needs to be as wide as it is otherwise it cannot do it’s job. This is not something you can say of the two toddler buggy.

Stagecoach to trial UK’s first budget sleeper coach service

This story can be read in many places, here’s a link to Stagecoach’s Press Release about the service.

The immediate question which sprung into my mind is what happens when, NOT IF, the bendy bus is involved in an accident? Seat belts have been mandatory for for years now. I’m pretty certain that the law does not allow passengers to use the beds in a motorhome or towed caravan when on the road. If you fly first class with a sleeper bed you’re woken before landing and must turn your bed into a regular seat and put your belt on.

I wonder what regulation allows this method of seatbeltless travel? Anyway, it’s not for me!