Monthly Archives: April 2009

Another holiday

Tomorrow is my birthday. If anyone in Winchester depot wants to know how old I’ll be it’s one less than the duty number I did yesterday (Friday 24th)!!

Anyway, to celebrate the event we’re off to La Palma in the Canary Islands for a week.

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We spent a week there last year and enjoyed it so much that we want to go again. The scenery is dramatic, the weather excellent, tourism is low key with no massive hotels and the seafood is out of this world. What more could you wish for? Last year we stayed in the Parador this year we’ve rented a small house which you can see pictures of here.

PS If any burglars are reading this ….. we may be away but the house is not empty!

Real time tracking

I’m not absolutely sure this is going to work but if it does you can track where I am driving the bus. I’ll activate it tomorrow morning and we’ll see how it goes. I should be leaving Winchester at 06:00 bound for Salisbury. Then departing Salisbury at 06:50 for a rather slower trip back to Winchester.


Well, it’s not working yet. My Blackberry GPS is working fine but when it sends the current location, speed etc. data I get a ‘Network error’ message. It would be so much more helpful if it could give a little bit more information than just ‘error’. I know there’s a f*$%”ing error because it wont work!

Away for a few days

Easter and my five day rest period have coincided so I’m off until Wednesday. And, as an added bonus, I also acrue two holiday lieu days. It can’t get much better than that!

We’re taking the caravan and going to Brokerswood Country Park which I wrote about here in December.

Today my duty included a Winchester to Romsey run which is normally a pretty boring drive. However, today it produced a first for me – I spotted a pure white albino pheasant. For those who know this road I saw it on the return run to Winchester in the field to left after you’ve past the bottom of the dip at Pitt and are climbing uphill again. I can’t recall what the current crop in this field is but it’s been broad beans in the past. Which reminds me of another field on this route (on the right before entering Hursley from Winchester) last year it was planted with the rather unusual borage. An absolutely brilliant blue field for a couple of weeks.

Test Valley School

Oh, did I mention Test Valley School again ;-) There is news. The CCTV I wrote about on Friday has been downloaded and shows very clearly the two culprits who gummed paper over the CCTV cameras! They are seen holding the paper and then an arm stretching up, as the hand nears the camera it all goes blank. Stagecoach are taking a very positive attitude and a meeting is being scheduled between the school who will be asked to officially confirm the identify of the culprits and the Hampshire County Council school transport ‘boss’. They will have their passes withdrawn by Stagecoach *permanently*! One of the culprits was already on the banned for 14 days list but that is really only academic now.

Just another name and shame plug – Test Valley School. The Test Valley School in Stockbridge, Hampshire to be precise.

Mugabe and the White African

In 2008 Mike Campbell, 74 years old – one of the few remaining white farmers to have so far held-out against Mugabe�s brutal land seizure programme – took the unprecedented step of challenging President Mugabe before the SADC (South African Development Community) international court – to defend his property and to charge Mugabe and his government with racial discrimination and of violations of Human Rights. This film, much of it shot covertly, documents the astonishing bravery and dignity of a white African family who risked everything they have and everything they are in defence of what is right. (From the film�s website.)

The film is due for release in the Summer, in the meantime here’s a trailer.