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Alive and well, still using the X64.

More than 2 years ago I wrote about an incident which had happened a couple of years before then, which means the incident occurred around 4 years ago. To whet your appetite here’s the picture and the original story is here.

The relevance is that with the recent duty changes those of us on The Salisbury Rota now have a Guildford trip once every 4 weeks on a Saturday. I drove the trip today and the guy who’d tested my patience all that time ago is alive and well and still travelling the route :-( I don’t think he had any idea we’d met 4 years ago but as he boarded and showed his concessionary pass he said “These passes are being withdrawn”. “Are they?” was my response. “Yes, the other drivers are telling me that we wont be able to keep these”. Wishful thinking by the other drivers would be my guess. Anyway, for the rest of the trip he kept announcing very loudly that concessionary passes were being withdrawn.

Sharon Tracey, another name to remember

Plymouth bus driver ‘did not force mother off’ is the headline to this BBC story.

So Sharon Tracey joins Amy Wootten and Sam Fardon in the growing list of attention/compensation seeking liars who are determined to try and ruin a bus driver’s career for their own perverted ends.

Amy Wootten fabricated a story about a FirstBus driver throwing her off a bus for breast feeding? CCTV recordings from the bus showed that her whole story had been a lie.

Sam Fardon alleged she was ordered off another FirstBus with her son because he was wearing an England T-shirt. Not one shred of evidence can be found that there is any truth in the allegation.

I will take every opportunity to publicise the names of all those who lie and try to destroy a driver’s career.

The Bus Station and The Broadway closed!

Today there was a parade through the city today to mark the homecoming of 11 Light Brigade. The march ended at The Broadway which I wrote about in the Bus station closed posting of a few days ago. Naturally, with the bus station still closed this caused a big logistical problem. Departure and set down points were spread around but none were too far from the bus station. The biggest headache was answering the passengers questions about where does the 2, 69, 4, 11, 5 etc go from? Half of my day was spent at the closed end of the Broadway answering these questions.

The lintel problem at the bus station has now been resolved after a full structural survey. The lintel is not concrete as at first thought but steel. People were fooled into thinking it was concrete because it had concrete rendering on it and it was the rendering only which was breaking up. They’ve simply knocked off the rendering so no more falls down and the bus station will be fully open again tomorrow.

Motorists bewildered by traffic lights

For 12 weeks we’ve had to endure delays at this point while temporary traffic lights controlled traffic through a single open lane. When the roadworks disappeared and the lights were switched I breathed a sigh of relief which lasted about 1 day. The problem is reported in the Salisbury Journal. Here’s an extract which explains the problem and why I have to treat the junction as if it were not traffic light controlled. Twice I’ve had traffic thunder across my nose as I pull out on a green light.

“So if you are coming down from Salisbury, just before the junction there is a set of lights which are red, and just beyond there is a second set which are green.” “People are coming hammering down on the Salisbury road and they are not registering there is a set of red traffic lights as all they are seeing are the green ones beyond that.”

Unfortunately, the photographer didn’t take the photo at the right moment to show my problem. I’m coming in from the right of the photo and the lights which are shown green will be red so that I can come out. The lights shown red will be green to let me proceed along the A30. But as it says the traffic approaching the lights seems to focus on the second set of lights which are green rather than the red lights where they should stop!