Monthly Archives: December 2011

New Routemaster Breaks Down

At first TfL insisted that the bus was taking a scheduled stop on the hard shoulder of the M1!! Why do PR people, I’m assuming that the spokesperson was from the PR department, have to turn a mildly embarrassing situation into one which makes them appear totally stupid? I assume they did concede that this wasn’t true when the breakdown truck arrived to tow it away. Then again, it may have been a scheduled recovery to test how the bus performed on the back of a tow truck :-) (I think I may a new career in PR ahead of me). I read this story on LBC.

Return of the Sparrowhawk

It may not be the same sparrowhawk but if it is it’s 3 years older. We last had a sparrowhawk trying to take a pigeon in the garden in March 2009, I wrote about here.

This time it was my wife who on passing through the kitchen heard the chickens again making lots of noise. So she opened the back door in order to investigate what was happening only to jump back in surprise. The sparrowhawk was starting to eat the pigeon about 1 metre away from her! As she jumped the sparrowhawk took off trying to take the pigeon with it, it failed to do so and dropped the pigeon immediately.

Here’s a picture of the pigeon. You can see how close it is to the house, the edge of the drain you see is from the kitchen sink and the back door is next to the sink.

500th posting

This is the 500th posting since ‘another day on the buses’ was born on the 7th February 2007. The very first posting may be read here. In that first post I wrote “How long will this blog last”. The answer seems to be nearly 5 years at the least.

The previous posting to this is the one about the new BBC homepage. Within a couple of hours of posting it I suddenly saw a huge rise in visitor numbers, a closer look at my analytics showed an incoming link from the BBC itself!

The link appeared on the BBC web page until yesterday evening when it finally scrolled off the bottom as they selected newer stuff to link to. However, I’m still getting a significant number of visitors from who have used the search term ‘bbc homepage’ on which this site is currently in position 13 out 67.5 million results. It just shows how powerful a link from a site such as the BBC is for google positioning. It’s been fun for a couple of days, I hope those who got here spent at least a few minutes having a look at other things, but I doubt they have much real interest in buses and my life.