Monthly Archives: April 2012

My birthday

If you look back through this blog you’ll see that we always go away at this time of year to celebrate ny birthday. Well, this year it’s one of those ‘milestone’ birthdays so I thought something a bit special was called for …. in a few hours time we’re off to New York for 6 days!

I’ve been before but this time we intend to do things which we haven’t got round to before like visit Coney Island and Brighton Beach. The High Line has also opened since I was last there and I was unaware of the Roosevelt Island tramway. I’ve stood and stared at the Brooklyn Bridge, this time we’re going to walk it and then explore Brooklyn Heights. A highlight, I hope, will be dinner on Saturday night when we’ve managed to get an invitation to an underground supper club, these are ‘occasional’ restaurants opened up in the host’s home. You hear of them by word of mouth and the location is only disclosed once you’re invited and have accepted. I’ve got the address now and it’s a loft apartment in Brooklyn with catering by an invited chef. More conventionaly lunch on Wednesday is booked at L’Ecole, “Nestled in the heart of SoHo, L’Ecole is the only restaurant of its kind in New York City: a dining experience where tomorrow’s top chefs, currently students at the prestigious French Culinary Institute, serve the very best in classic and contemporary French cuisine. We also hope to get tickets to see Jersey Boys on Broadway. Even though the songs are 50 years old I remember every word, they were great times to be a teenager!

Will report back next week :-)


Here are the newest additions to our mini-flock of chickens, they were hatched yesterday! Just have to wait 16 weeks and we’ll get more eggs .. so long as thay are hens. Otherwise it’s coq au vin!