Humour failure

Today, as I neared a bus stop I noticed a lady who kept looking over her shoulder, toward the bus, as she walked in the direction of the bus stop. I was about to pass her since I was still 20 or so yards short of the bus stop. As I half expected she waved her arms to signal that she did want to catch the bus so I pulled up. I should point out that I was running about 4 minutes late at this point. As the lady boarded I said in what thought was a cheery manner “You’re lucky. If I’d been on time you’d never have seen me!” “What do you mean?” she replied in a not very friendly tone. “I meant that since you’re late it’s lucky that I’m late as well so you haven’t missed me”. “I know you’re late” was her response said without the slightest hesitation and in an accusatory tone.

Mentally I gave up. “Sorry” I said “it was meant to be humorous. “I see nothing humorous in the bus being late” was her parting shot as she went off to sit down!

One thought on “Humour failure

  1. Dennis Dash

    It makes you wonder why you bother. As I’ve said many times before, give me kids or students ahead of older passengers any day – they definitely moan less :)

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