A wet Bank Holiday

I really am quite lucky, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend and my rota shows it as rest. The downside is that is that as I look out of the window the trees are swaying in the wind and the rain is falling steadily. Either the rain needs to stop or I’m going to get wet – I can’t leave cleaning out the chickens any longer. I used to have four chickens but at the moment I’m down to two, I must get a couple more soon since two is the absolute minimum you should keep. There is nothing more miserable than a chicken on it’s own. They are most happy in flocks but I don’t have a half acre acre field, just a small town garden. We find bought eggs, even organics, tasteless in comparison to our own. The yolks are such a very bright colour you could almost think colouring had been added! In a way it has …… lots of fresh greenery like grass, cabbage etc. is what produces yellow yolks. The other difference between our eggs and bought eggs is how, when you break them into a frying pan, the white doesn’t spread out into a big puddle it sticks to the yolk and will stay piled up on it.

I may sound like an eco-conscious paid up member of the Green Party (the compost bin is in the chicken run!) but I’m about to watch the Monaco Grand Prix. The carbon footprint of any Grand Prix must be the size of Texas!

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