Police update

I’ve rung the Police 3 times today, on the number they left in the answering machine message …. all I get is “you are in a queue and will be answered as soon as possible”. “As soon as possible” wasn’t early enough for me and I had to give up when my break was over so, after a total of about 20 minutes being in a queue, I never did get them. Tomorrow is Saturday which judging by their lack of anything so far probably means the Hampshire Constabulary are closed for the weekend and will open again on Monday morning!

To continue the moan why does a local Constabulary like Hampshire not have a geographic telephone number? They leave 0845 numbers which to me and I’m sure many others are premium rate numbers. Premium rate in the sense that they cost from a mobile when geographic numbers are included in inclusive minutes. Premium rate in that many landline packages include free UK geographic calls off peak etc. If I were cynical I’d believe that placing calls in a queue was no more than an income generator from shared revenue which users of 0845 numbers can get.

3 thoughts on “Police update

  1. jeff pike

    I could be cynical & say they are probably still too busy playing with their mobile speed camera as they were on thursday in Colden Common hoping to catch the unwary motorist @ 2mph over the limit. What was that you said about income generation?!!

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