Catch That Bus – mobile phone app.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve now got a smartphone. I’d not seen apps before but now I’m hooked on these little applications, many of which are free. I’ve bought just two, one of which is Catch That Bus at £1.99 Start the app and it immediately uses the phone’s GPS facility to present a map of your current location and all local bus stops.

You then zoom in on a chosen bus stop and tap the screen. The bus stop name and location is displayed.

Another tap on the screen and you’re presented with a menu.

Selecting ‘Show Departure Board’ shows all departures from the stop by time, service number, operator and destination.

‘Show Street View’ displays the Google street view so that you can reassure yourself that you really are where you think you are!

I score this app 10 out of 10.

4 thoughts on “Catch That Bus – mobile phone app.

  1. Malcolm

    Maybe I’m still in awe of apps being able to do anything like this.

    The other stop does indeed list those services which you believe may have been omitted – 4, 8, 10, 10A, 21, 46B and BMV (whatever that is?). I think it’s a little harsh to to criticise it for differentiating between the two stops/shelters. If you view the area including Eastleigh bus station each stand appears as a bus stop and clicking on, for example, A stand will only show departures from that stand.

    Clicking on any other stop in Shirley High St, which doesn’t have 2 shelters, lists all buses. Maybe the criticism should be that the app is to pernickity!

    The S2 to Park St is indeed very odd, I’d missed that :-(

    OK 9.5/10 :-)

  2. Phil Stockley

    In my view this app scores well for effort, but 10/10 is far too generous given some obvious flaws in the data.

    For a start, Velvet service S2 is shown as two separate departures – one at 1312 to the next stop down the road, and one at 1314 to the city centre, when in fact there is only one bus.

    Also, the departure list omits any mention of Bluestar 4 to the city centre, First service 10, First service 8 and possibly some others. These are presumably not shown because they technically depart from the adjacent shelter (there are two next to the other in that location, shown as separate stops on the map), but I would suggest that is somewhat misleading to inexperienced users.

    Ultimately these deficiencies may all relate to issues in the source data, but a good app should surely be able to apply some intelligent interpretation, before it can truly be considered an effective tool.

    So a good step in the right direction, but 10/10 is a little overzealous in my opinion!

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