An unhappy Stagecoach customer

Stagecoach in Winchester have a very unhappy customer who complains that “Many a time have I come off of a Stagecoach bus bleeding or aching from bashing my knee as the driver pulls away before I have sat down”. His letters of complaint together with the replies from Richard Tyldsley, the Stagecoach Operations Manager at Winchester, are published on the unhappy customer’s web site.

One thought on “An unhappy Stagecoach customer

  1. Cedric

    Hi there,

    Just thought I’d share my experience. I’m a city bus driver in France, I work in the city of Rennes. Here, we are instructed to drive off as soon as everyone has boarded and the doors are closed. We wait for the people to sit down only if this is a disabled person or a person who has obvious difficulty walking (has a cane for instance), and even then, only for a reasonable amount of time.

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