Megabus promotion codes

This blog is being inundated with hits from Google users who type in “megabus promotion code”, “promotion code for megatrain”, “megabus promotion code US”, “megabus promotion code from oxford to london”, “megabus UK promotional code” etc. etc. I guess the idea is put into their heads by the megabus website asking for a “Promotion Code (optional)”. The words Promotional Code are a link which says:-

“What is a Promotion Code? We will occasionally run special promotions offering even better value for money on our wide network of services in the UK. These promotions will be run in local and national press and on marketing campaigns across the UK. Watch out for these promotions and enter the appropriate Promotion Code in the promotion code box to ensure that promotional code pricing is offered whenever available”.

The only instance I can find of a promotional code being available was October 2006, the details are here.

Of course, by writing this posting and using the words ‘promotional’ and ‘code’ and ‘megabus’ several times, the number of hits from seekers of this magic number can only increase :-(