Any idea about this bus?

Actually there were two of these open top buses being driven north on the M3 this morning.

They were brand new, right-hand drive, all the seats had covers on them and I guess they’d been collected from the port in Southampton.

I did a google on what I presume is a model number (HFF6121GS-3) on the nearside rear of the bus. Google returns a couple of results which are Chinese pages. Google translate doesn’t do too well with them but the words “Export the London HFF6121GS-3 production planning book preparation” can be seen at one point, whatever that means! I guess the Chinese characters on rear offside are the makers name?

Does anyone know anything about these buses and where they’re destined for?

3 thoughts on “Any idea about this bus?

  1. WY

    This is the Ankai open-top ordered by BigBus to operate in London. Similar buses have already been running for BigBus in Hong Kong

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